Outdoor flooring for the garden and outdoors

The flooring in the outdoor and garden area sets accents. Thus, the outdoor area is adapted to the architecture of the house. The modern PVC and rubber floor coverings for balcony, terrace and garden are easy to install and offer a variety of design options. These outdoor floor coverings have a high quality and can be installed quickly.

Outdoor flooring for balconies, terraces, gardens and outdoor areas: at Terramondi you will always find the right tiles and slabs for outdoors and indoors!

In the outdoor area, rubber or perforated PVC floor coverings are one of the best solutions ever. They are weather resistant and very durable. The variety of colors and patterns give the homeowner even more options in design.

Want to build a small basketball court behind the garage?

No problem with Terramondi's rubber floor tiles or rubber floor tiles in various standard colors. The rubber floor tiles are anti-shock certified, vibration dampening, slip resistant, weatherproof and easy to maintain. Also suitable for making flooring around swimming pools, swimming pools and hot tubs safer.

The practical rubber floor coverings can turn a small corner in the backyard or garden area into a playground for the little ones in no time. The soft material is ideal for children to play without hurting themselves. Modern outdoor flooring is subject to strict safety controls and bears the valid "CE" mark. This stands for quality and also for the fact that no toxic pollutants were used in the production process. Today's floor tiles are free of harmful substances and are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. The high material resistance is another contribution to environmental protection, because Terramondi floor tiles can withstand many years under heavy loads and thus there is no need to constantly replace, paint or repair the flooring.

PVC tiles


TM Heavy Load
from € 54,00/ m²€ 45,38 (net)incl. VAT
TM Paddock
from € 49,00/ m²€ 41,18 (net)incl. VAT
TM Flex Board
from € 36,00/ m²€ 30,25 (net)incl. VAT
TM Stable
from € 40,00/ m²€ 33,61 (net)incl. VAT
TM Easygrid
from € 26,00/ m²€ 21,85 (net)incl. VAT
TM Event
from € 40,00/ m²€ 33,61 (net)incl. VAT
TM Universal
from € 32,50/ m²€ 27,31 (net)incl. VAT
TM Elastik
from € 38,00/ m²€ 31,93 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
TM Safe NF
from € 56,00/ m²€ 47,06 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
TM Hidden Zip
from € 59,00/ m²€ 49,58 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
TM Multifunction
from € 25,00/ m²€ 21,01 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
TM Allround
from € 25,00/ m²€ 21,01 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
TM Wood Look
from € 25,00/ m²€ 21,01 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available

Terramondi's perforated PVC floor tile is also ideal for use in e.g. car washes, parking lot or garden areas, as well as for industrial outdoor applications such as transformer pans, etc.

A good floor tile offers safety and quality at a good price. With that, you are well served at Terramondi. Our experts will be happy to advise you and are sure to find the right outdoor flooring for your garden. Contact us today so that we can advise you.

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