ESD floor tiles

Protect your machinery with our ESD floor tiles. ESD floors offer the perfect alternative to ESD floor coatings. Discover now.

Protect your machines with our ESD floor tiles. We are your partner for stable and flexible floor solutions.

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ESD floor

ESD stands for "Electro Statical Discharge". In German: elektrostatische Entladung.

ESD floors are floor coverings that are able to discharge electrostatic discharges in a controlled manner due to their special structure.

They are used primarily in laboratories, data centers, the pharmaceutical and electrotechnical industries, and even in rooms at risk of explosion.

In addition to the ESD floor tiles, a grounding strap and a grounding kit are required, which are available separately.

These highly resistant and easy to clean tiles are suitable for premises where an ESD floor is to be installed quickly and easily without gluing.

Rely on an ideal combination of stable and reliable conductivity and proven service life of the ESD flooring.

PVC tiles


TM Mechanic ESD
from € 88,00/ m²€ 73,95 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
from € 76,00/ m²€ 63,87 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
TM Antistatic
from € 48,00/ m²€ 40,34 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available

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